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Various Bits of Paper

17 June 2008 JohnU 0

Beside my computer, there’s a stack of business cards.  Doesn’t matter what’s on the front–on the back are various notes and thoughts jotted down whilst […]

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A Quick Check In

4 June 2008 JohnU 0

There’s been much going on, and yet not much of anything, which is why I haven’t posted much here. I’m working on more Midnight stories […]

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Paper Cranes

22 May 2008 JohnU 2

Every once in a while, you should do something you’ve never done. A week or so ago, I folded a paper crane.  My first tiny […]

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22 May 2008 JohnU 1

A quick check of the news is unnecessary.  Every time I stop at a gas station, I know the top story of the day.  I’ve […]

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18 May 2008 JohnU 0

Check out the Now Playing section, today featuring at least two women with violins. Coincidence? Am I listening to women with violins because of the […]

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17 May 2008 JohnU 3

Today, I gave a speech. I do this quite frequently, actually, being a member of Toastmasters, where I am expected to give an impromptu speech […]

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Overdue for an Entry

13 May 2008 JohnU 0

There are lots of things I ought to be telling you about.  My weekend at the beach.  The photo shoot.  The fact that I read […]

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Now Playing

5 May 2008 JohnU 0

Maybe an incomplete list, and perhaps infrequently changed and/or updated, but there it is. Same with Now Reading, which will likely have Shogun for a […]